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Re: My sound card!!!

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The Navigator Gold wrote:
> Hi everyone my name is Jeser and I'm from Panama.
> Since I heard about Linux I was excited about this
> idea (free OS) and I decided to install Linux Debian
> in my computer.
> But I have a big problem, I am a sound editor, and I
> need my sound card works very well and Debian can�t
> recognize it!!.
> I need an explication of how can I install my sound
> card.
> It's a Sound Blaster Audigy 2.
> I am so inexperienced in this OS so please be kind.

Welcome to Debain.

Unfortunately, you didn't tell us which version of Debian you were
using, so I am guessing that you chose the current stable version,
Sarge.  Debian 4.0 (etch) can easily recognize that soundcard during
boot, and automatically set it up.

It is also possible that you have more than one sound device in your
computer (such as a microphone for your webcam) and that is being set as
the default sound device.

Check in your setup to see which soundcard(s) your computer finds.

The commandline to configure your soundcard is alsaconf.

You type that in in a terminal and follow the on screen prompts.

Perhaps if you provide us with a little more detail, one of us can help
you further.


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