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Re: Sarge to Etch upgrade report and module autoloading

On Sun, Mar 11, 2007 at 11:02:53AM +0200, Andrei Popescu wrote:
> "A. F. Cano" <afc@shibaya.lonestar.org> wrote:
> > For the longest time, I had been annoyed that shells in a konsole did
> > not execute startup files.  The last time this worked was in woody.
> Don't know about konsole, but other xterm's I tried have an option
> called 'login shell'.

Konsole has a text field where you can enter what command to execute.
Everything I've ever read said that if you give the proper option to
the shell, ie: ksh -l, you would get a login shell, but yet the
dot file was never read.  Luckily that changed with kde 3.5, as
previously noted.

> [snip]
> ...
> install whatever they want and compare the files. In the case of bash
> the relevant files are copies of /etc/skel/.bash*

Good to know this.  Thanks.

> [snip]
> There are more ways to do it, but I prefer creating a
> file /etc/modprobe.d/00local with all my customizations. This has the
> benefit of preserving your settings across upgrades.

Good idea.  I've just moved all my customizations there, but it has
no effect.  I presume the whole point of all these configuration
files is to have them read by modprobe.  This brings up a couple of

If the way to achieve this is to run update-modules and thus have all
the contents go to /etc/modules.conf, is there a  non-obsolete way
of doing this?  The man page says that update-modules is obsolete.

Second, update-modules ignores /etc/modprobe.d.  It does, however,
read the contents of /etc/modutils, so I put my 00local there.

Even after all that, the kernel keeps insisting on loading the
wrong module, specifically snd-cs46xx.  I've added "blacklist
snd-cs46xx", "install snd-cs46xx /bin/true" (per your other
posting) and "snd-cs46xx off".  None of this works and snd-cs46xx
is still loaded.  Of course the sound doesn't work until I manually
unload snd-cs46xx and manually install snc-cs4231.  The good thing
is that the options (another line in 00local) are used correctly.

Any ideas out there?



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