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Re: filename case

On 3/11/07, Cédric Lucantis <omer@no-log.org> wrote:
> > When I copy files to vfat drives , filenames case is changed to lower
> > case. Is there any way to keep them as they are ie FileName as FileName
> > instead of filename or FILENAME as FILENAME instead of filename ?
> I think this works:
> tar -C /path/to/source -cf - . | ( cd /path/to/dest; tar -xf -; )

stupid me :) I never realized I could simply do this:

tar -C /path/to/source -cf - . | tar -C /path/to/dest -xf -

(you also have to add -h to the first tar if there are symlinks in your files)

Cédric Lucantis

here also some files were copied as it is and some filenames were changed to small letters.

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