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Re: accented chars. shown as question marks in non-browser tools, sarge

Arlie Stephens wrote:

Well, what I got was a different kind of gobbletygook. I presume it
won't cut and paste ;-) but looking at a message that should be
quoting Icelandic, I'm seeing improbably characters like a capital A
with a horizontal bar across it, embedded in the middle of
words. (This is not a valid Icelandic character.) Even better was the
cute little fraction symbol (3/4) embedded in the middle of the
word. My best guess is that this probably isn't UTF-8 text, but I
suppose it could be a font problem. Aha - bingo -
    export LANG=en_US.iso885915

Now the bizarre symbols are replaced with eths and other Icelandic
characters, and the quoted text becomes comprehensible. (Well, close
to comrehensible, my Icelandic understanding is even more limited than
my systems administration savvy.)
And let me guess - there's no way to automatically determine what
encoding a given message may contain, and the mutt mail client
probably cannot switch encodings on the fly.
Oh what fun!

Still, it's way better than it's been in ages.
Thank you very much.

To enter text in a terminal in a different language (the default LANG should be some utf-8), I have to change my keyboard layout. I do this from KDE->Settings->Regional and Accessibility->Keyboard layout. I select the language layout I want and I get an applet on the KDE panel which lets me switch between different input languages. I can then type in those languages in konsole or in gnome-terminal. Not sure how to do this via conf files though. In Gnome, there is something like scim input methods which let you change the keyboard layouts as you type in different languages. Works pretty nicely.


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