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Re: Can I compile a hugemem kernel?

On Thu, 8 Mar 2007, Ron Johnson wrote:

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On 03/08/07 15:11, Damien Ferrand wrote:
On 08/03/07 10:28 -0500, Andrew Perrin wrote:
I seem to have developed a need for a single process (R) to use more than
3G of RAM. The system has 6G, and is doing virtually nothing else.  Is
there a way to compile 2.6.18 or higher with the so-called hugemem patch
under debian?
It looks like hugemem is a redhat thing... I don't know if it is
easy/possible to have it under debian. These kernels are generally heavily

But even with this patch, a signle process will be limited to less than 4G of
memory. As the hugemem kernels have switching overhead check if you really
can't work in another way.

Yes, you really need a 64-bit system for a single process to
efficiently use more than 1 (or is it 2?) GB or memory.

The consensus elsewhere seems to be that it's actually 3G per process, but that's still not enough for this application. Oh well....


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