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Re: Worse then useless replies

Hi all,

Michael Pobega wrote:
On Thu, Mar 08, 2007 at 02:34:08AM +0100, pinniped wrote:

I really don't know what the hell you're talking about. I've been leaving the subject blank lately because people bitch about it for no apparent reason. But if you really don't want the subject changing, why don't you ask Intnsred if he can set things so that the subject isn't changed? A blank 'subject' line with a flashing cursor is just begging people to put something in.

What mail client are you using? Most mail clients automatically write
"Re: Topic Name" to the subject field.

Actually, not changing the subject worked perfectly for this reply.

And nobody was "bitching about it for no apparent reason". If you're
going to join a mailing list you should conform to the standards, I
bet 50% of the people you replied to never saw your reply because of
how you changed the subject.

Most MUAs /don't/ do threading (For example, AFAIK Icedove/Tbird
doesn't do threading), and those that do are the only ones able to see
your replies from the right context.

Icedove and Thunderbird definitely do threading, in the pane that displays the email messages, where you can sort by date/subject/sender, the left-most icon on this bar looks like is a speech-bubble. Click on this to sort by threads and click on it again to sort in reverse-date thread order.

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