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Re: OT: Politics and other actually Debian related ramblings

Curt Howland wrote:

> On Tuesday 06 March 2007 15:30, Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca> was
> heard to say:
>> I wouldn't be so quick to assume Debian's working on communist
>> theory successfully.  I think the DPL would have something to say
>> about nobody playing leader.
> Mr. Johnson, I'm beginning to wonder if you actually _read_ the
> postings you are replying to. No where, under any circumstances,
> would I call Debian "communistic".

You insinuated it.  I think you don't quite know what communism is, go read
Karl Marx sometime, he's an authority on the topic.

> What I said was voluntary, cooperative, and therefore an-archic
> because no one can coerce anyone else to do anything. There are
> rules, yes, but no _rulers_.

That's communism.

> Yes, there is a project leader, who does exactly that: Leads. No one
> is bound to do anything that he says to do. He does not _rule_.
> Can you go back and note, please, that I said no one, specifically and
> explicitly, _RULES_ over others? Please?

Who is signing off on when things go stable?

> I would have thought that the recent example of some few developers
> objecting to anyone being paid for their work on the Debian release,
> and demonstrating that no one rules over them at all, would be
> demonstration enough.

Yeah, of textbook communism.

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