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Re: Etch

On Tue, Mar 06, 2007 at 12:10:32PM +0100, pinniped wrote:
> Well, your MUA is your responsibility - don't complain when it doesn't 
> behave the way you want. The 'subject' is mutable so you should expect it 
> to change in this forum.

My MUA works fine, but I just find it a bit irritating that you have
to change the subject string when you reply to a topic. Also quoting
what you're replying to would help as well.

Not all people archive all the mails and delete them after reading,
and/or their MUA doesn't archive automatically (The only MUA besides
Mutt I know of that does threading is Sylpheed, and Sylpheed doesn't
handle text too well to be honest)

The subject shouldn't have to be muted just because you feel like
changing it though, I normally follow topics by hitting 'Tab' in Mutt,
and I don't normally look at everything as threated topics. When I see
the subject change I assume I'm in another thread, but actually you
just changed the topic.

I'm not trying to flame you or anything, I'm just pointing out that
some (Probably a lot more people than me) find it a bit annoying.

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