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Re: Raid shuts down uncleanly?

Land Haj wrote:

I'm still trying to get used to having raid-1 on my new etch installation. I have a very simple question:

When I reboot or turn off my computer, the system always has trouble umounting the raid devices. It says they are busy (in red, warning letters). But the shutdown completes anyway.

Then, when I boot into the system again, it says that the journal is being recovered.

Have I somehow misconfigured my system so that it shuts down uncleanly, and if so, how do I fix it?

The raid configuration was done at installation with the rc1 debian installer for etch.

Please help!


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It's normal for the root device to not unmount during shutdown, but there should also be a message that it was re-mounted read-only.

My system, with a raid-1 for the boot device and similar messages on shutdown, doesn't have problems with the reboot.

The root device is considered 'in use' because the system and system shutdown scripts run from it (in other words, there are processes with open files). In order to complete shutdown cleanly, the mount is changed to read-only, which sets whatever bit(s) are needed to tell the boot sequence scripts that the filesystem is clean.

So, for some reason, you're not getting a clean remount. More information from the shutdown sequence is needed before I could speculate any further.


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