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Re: a dumb query? pls humor me

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On Monday 05 March 2007 02:22, "Roberto C. Sanchez" 
<roberto@connexer.com> was heard to say:
> See, and I have been losing respect for the rest of world for
> interfering too much in people's daily lives and sitting idly by
> (or providing only token participation) while the US protects them
> and renders massive aid to the victims of natural disaster.

The US doesn't protect anyone. If the US were actually interested in 
defense, rather than empire, the military bases overseas would be 
closed, rather than manned in 170 countries, of which, what, 2 
are "at war" with the US?

The "rendering massive aid" is also misconstrued. It has nothing to do 
with the government of the US, it has to do with the last dregs of 
what was a vigorous economy.

While the US government redirects some of its blood-money taxes 
to "aid" in quantities of "$millions", the individual citizens of the 
US donate "$Billions" to various charitable efforts around the world.

By simple scale, the US government is ineffectual in its 
supposedly "positive" efforts. The destruction and death is many, 
many times greater by government action than its paltry "aid", and 
that "aid" always is paid not to individuals or voluntary 
organizations, that "aid" is given to whatever government proports to 
be the lawful one in that geographic area. So the "aid" actually 
lines the pockets of petty dictators, rather than 
feeding/housing/nursing anyone.

If you want to have a positive effect, the first thing to do is get 
government out of the way. Might does not make right.


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September 11th, 2001
The proudest day for gun control and central 
planning advocates in American history

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