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MAKEDEV Question

My new box has a cdrw drive and a dvdrw drive but there are no entries for these devices in /dev. My old box has similar devices and there are entries for them in /dev and they are both soft links to scd0. There are also entries for hdc and hdd which is reasonable as these devices are master and slave on ide1. In the new box the dvdrw and cdrw drives are also master and slave on ide1. /dev ./MAKEDEV -n hdc indicates it would make hdc and hdc1 through hdc24 in /dev/.static/dev and ./MAKEDEV -n scd0 indicates it would make scd0 and a soft link from sr0 to scd0.

What is the proper way to add these devices (BIOS knows they are there) so I can add them to fstab and mount CD's loaded in them?

Tom George

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