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samba complains about reading permitons

Good day,..

Im expriancing some strange behavior with samba :
some files (didn't anything common to them) bring me the next error :

cp: cannot open `/mnt/test/securty.txt' for reading: Permission denied

i made tail /var/log/messges :

Mar  3 11:20:41 localhost -- MARK --
Mar  3 11:40:41 localhost -- MARK --
Mar  3 11:47:24 localhost kernel: SMB connection re-established (-5)

in dmesg :
nada ..

in samba/log... :

[2007/03/03 11:02:58, 0] client/smbmount.c:send_fs_socket(415)
mount.smbfs: entering daemon mode for service \\\home, pid=3609

Yours truley ..

Jabka Atu

   mom: J' you will  miss school ..
   me:hmm ..
       ln -s school /tmp
   me:they say that school temporaly unavlibale

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