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Re: check driver

On Fri,  2 Mar 2007 09:43:33 +0100 (CET)
pinniped <cirilo_bernardo@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Your USB gizmo should be recognized no matter what.  A PS2 to USB converter needs extra circuitry (but this is a tiny chip which they can cast the connector over).  Going the other way is easy because many USB keyboards have circuitry that will recognize they are not on a USB line and they will switch into a PS2 mode.

Thanks, but I'm not sure I'm getting you; I'm trying to use a PS/2
keyboard with a USB port - it isn't a USB keyboard.

> So - first thing to do is check the /proc/bus/usb entries or the 'dmesg' to see if your a keyboard was detected (even if the system doesn't know what it is).  The converter should advertise itself as a "HID" device. If you have it, then all you have to do is load the USB HID drivers and, depending on your version of kernel you may also need to load the 'input' driver:
> modprobe input
> modprobe usb-hid

I'll try this.
> If that is your only keyboard then you are in trouble - you will need another keyboard to configure the system so that it can detect your keyboard on boot.  Also check the BIOS to see if it supports USB keyboards. 

It's a laptop; the regular keyboard works fine. I'll have to recheck
the BIOS.


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