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Απ: IMAP Mail server question

2007/2/28, Kelly <webmaster@boredomsoftware.com>:
Just a request for opinions here guys.  I have read several articles
about Courier and Dovecot.  What is your opinions about which to go

- I have no experience with dovecot
- I have used only the basic functionality of courier-IMAP

courier-IMAP was easy to install and setup

works fine with many users accessing the same maildir about 20
maildirs in a low spec server. Hundreds of folders per maildir with
some of them having up to 30000 emails

With outlook express I have some problems now and then that get fixed
by doing a "clear local cache" on OE. Only once had a problem with
thunderbird (started constantly complaining that it could not save the
email it just sent to the INBOX folder while at the same time it HAD
saved it). Worked around this annoyance and didn't try to fix it

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