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Re: REALLY OT: News Flash

Nigel Henry wrote:

> On Sunday 25 February 2007 19:39, Paul Johnson wrote:
>> Max Hyre wrote:
>> >    Ladies and gentlemen:
>> >
>> > <wishful thinking>
>> >    I like a good digression as well as the next person, probably better
>> > than most, but this is ridiculous.  I'd love to see this go over to
>> > rants@lists.debian.org.  Could someone set it up, please?
>> > </wishful thinking>
>> >
>> >    Thank you for your attention.  You may now return to your
>> > previously-scheduled demagoguery.
>> You do know about "ignore thread" right?
> Personally I think this thread is a bit sick, and also a bit sad.
> I thought this mailing list debian-user@lists.debian.org was for for folks
> using debian to get answers to their problems.
> This doesn't seem to be the case, but more so that anything goes.

A little of both would more accurately describe this list.

> This isn't the only list that has problems. The Fedora list is just as
> bad.
> What's the matter folks???
> Who gives a shit about politics, and what the hell has it it got to do
> with the debian mailing list???

Read the list topic.  It's about the users, not about the distribution. 
Though at this point, you're arguing semantics.
> Perhaps I should just unsubscribe from the debian, and fedora lists. There
> seems to be less of this sort of crap on forums. At least they are
> moderated.

But you don't get the expertise.  Forums tend to attract the new users who
don't have the long term experience as experienced users are often offput
by the reliability and usability issues presented from brain damaged web
forum design.

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