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Re: Debian, Iceweasle, Firefox!

Hal Vaughan wrote:

> On Monday 29 January 2007 18:50, Paul Johnson wrote:
> ...
>> > Oh, and everyone that uses e-mail spends their time reading every
>> > RFC out there.
>> I don't expect them to.  Though I do expect them to learn
> Damn you're demanding, aren't you?

Well, the humor of watching someone put their hand on a hot stove gets old
around the time they give themselves a third-degree burn.

>> > Remember you're always going to be dealing with newbies -- at least
>> > until kids grow up writing e-mail the right way, and it'll take a
>> > while for that to happen.
>> I'm 25, I grew up doing it the right way.  Though thanks for
>> reminding me that in addition to the Echo Boomers that I'm a part of,
>> there was a simultaneous, much dumber, Beavis and Butthead Generation
>> competing for jobs and oxygen, and driving up the demand for food and
>> affordable housing for the rest of us capable of independent thought.
>>  :o)
> I used to teach kids that age, when that show was on, in residential
> treatment.  Some were that dense in some areas.  I'd watch the show at
> home just because it felt so good to see such dumb students and NOT
> have to discipline or teach them.

The social commentary about the state of the other generation and the idea
that they're in as great if not somewhat greater numbers than the Echo
Boomers is a deeply disturbing thought to me.  I mean, the Baby Boomers
were pretty bad with the hero worship when it came to politics when they
elected one washed up actor to the white house, and we're still feeling
that.  I try not to think about how badly the other generation my age will
further screw up this country by the time we're all middle aged given the
standard that's been set...

>> Oddly enough, though, it's usually Gen X'ers or Baby Boomers of
>> questionable mental stability I've encountered with this problem.
>> http://wiki.ursine.ca/Category:Online_lusers
>> > Face it: Usenet isn't the only place where September is eternal.
>> September ended.  AOL is gone from Usenet and is becoming more of a
>> walled community of idiots now that it's free for the idiots to
>> self-segregate without losing their current ISP.
> Yes, it isn't just AOL anymore.  It's still September.  Fortunately it
> isn't September often on some lists (like this one).

Usenet's getting better, the vast majority of trolls and spam come from the
same few hosts and newbies are starting to assimilate at a rate Usenet can
properly handle again, which is the yardstick by which September was
originally measured by...

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