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On 02/21/07 19:06, Miles Fidelman wrote:
> Grok Mogger wrote:
>> I have read the cron manpage.  I understand what cron mails and under
>> what conditions it mails it, what I don't understand is HOW it mails
>> it.  I know that cron just sends the output of whatever script it
>> runs.  I don't understand how it mails that output.  I'd like to
>> understand how it does that so that I can make it send email to a
>> gmail account or a similar "real" Internet account.
>> Are you telling me that if I set my MAILTO entry to something like
>> 'Joe.Person@gmail.com', that's actually going to send legitimate
>> Internet mail to Joe at his gmail account?  I find that hard to believe.
> What leads you to think it won't?  All cron does is invoke your system
> mail program.

Spoken like a true Unix geek. ;P

OP has grown up in the "client" world, where all the heavy lifting
is done by "someone else".  I was there once, too.

> Why not just try it.  If it doesn't work, then set MAILTO=<a local
> account> then set up an alias or a .forward file to forward that account
> to your gmail account.

OP most probably has no idea what a .forward file is (other than "it
 forwards 'stuff'").

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