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Re: nvidia driver problem

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steef wrote:
> Joe Hart wrote:
> steef wrote:
>>>> i did that <dpkg-reconf etc. etc. > several times. when i still had the
>>>> alien driver 'formally' *installed* in the kernel. i too replaced in
>>>> that configuration manually the native nv-driver "nv" with "nvidia"
>>>> without results.
>>>> after having *uninstalled* the alien driver as root:  < nvidia-installer
>>>> --uninstall> i do not get the driver installed again.
>>>> should i remove the 'new' xorg-files in xorg.conf (in X11) or what to
>>>> get the d.... thing installed again???
>>>> or, perhaps, i should remove the glx driver (like in earlier times) to
>>>> get the alien driver installed again and get it permanently going by not
>>>> letting nvidia adapt X11/xorg.conf automatically but do it manually??
> The nvidia-glx driver (from non-free) conflicts with the one from
> nvidia.  The installer for the nvidia one should warn you about that, so
>  yes, in order to use the alien driver (as you put it) you need to
> remove the open source one.
> With this computer I need the "nvidia" driver, but others work fine with
> the open source "nv" driver. For some reason the "nv" driver takes 40%
> of the cpu and leaves my system at a crawl. It depends on the computer
> because I've installed the "nv" driver on other computers and had no
> problems at all.  For normal day-to-day things, I'd say use the "nv"
> driver if it works on your computer because at least it is supported.
> However, if you want to use Beryl, or play cutting edge 3d games, then
> yes, you need the "nvidia" drivers.
> Joe

> thanks joe. keep using nv. (installed a new 2.6.18 kernel with nvidiafb:
> seems all the 2.6.18 kernels have that trait)
> LAST QUESTION: what package do i need to measure cpu-usage?  (valgrind
> maybe??)

> thanks,

> steef

I actually use GlassMonitor which is a theme for superkarmba.  I'm all
KDE here.  You can also see the cpu usage with ksysguard, but again,
it's a kde app.

a quick check:

joe@MyBox:~$ apt-cache search monitor | grep cpu
ascpu - AfterStep look & feel CPU statistics monitor tool
cpufreqd - fully configurable daemon for dynamic frequency and voltage
glcpu - 3D-plotter for system activity
statd - data collection daemon for GLcpu

Take your pick, I've never seen any of them.

Isn't Debian neat?

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