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Re: Hangup in atan2() / __signbitl()

On 2/19/07, Eric Meijer <e.l.meijer@xs4all.nl> wrote:
Two questions:
Has anyone stumbled on this before, and do you have a fix?
I am not sure on what package to submit a bug.  It seems the problem
would be in libm, so that would be the libc6 package?  What kind of info
should I add?

The info you supplied in your mail should be enough, including
hardware details, current kernel and gcc version (you never know). It
seems logical to report the bug against libc6. The maintainers will
surely have something to go on and can reassign the bug if they think
it's not in their package. I'd report it at severity normal. (be sure
to check if it hasn't been reported already)


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