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[Debian-User] Nice Job Andrew

Thanks to:  Andrew Sackville-West

You said:
I'm not sure what you're getting at here, but here is my network setup
using my previously posted xen configuration of Dom0 lan server, DomU
firewall and DomU mail server.

Andrew, this was a very competent and well presented description of your network connections.  I have saved it for future reference.

It does seem there are not many Xen enthusiasts on the Debian-User list. My involvement on this list was primarily to get a feel for Debian as my Linux   systems are Slackware for my gateway machine, and SuSE for 3 machines with one of those 3 designed as a database machine using RAID much as what you explained for your set up but not using Xen and LVM. I moved from RedHat to SuSE and am now contemplating moving from SuSE to Debian.  But as I previously said, I wanted to implement an Xen system as well as going Debian.

Since you and a few others are interested in Xen I had hoped to inspire a few more interested list members to actually try it. I don't want to cram Xen down anyone's throat and have tried to find a middle road between encouraging Xen discussion and technical issues while not upsetting anyone that could care less about Xen. It seems that different people have different views regarding what kind of discussions can occur on a user list like this one. I followed Xen development for several years. I am contacting certain Debian authorities regarding the current state of Xen integrated into Debian. I have an email on the list with regard to this. I have also provided some old URLs that you and some others may be interested in looking at. There seems to have been in 2004, 5, and up to Mar 2006 a lot of effort on the part of some to provide a clean integration between Xen and Debian but since Mar 2006 everything seems to be dead in the water.

If I had more experience in debian packaging and package commands as well as the CVS system(s) in use then I would be willing to participate in the development of definition of Xen packages for Debian as it appears they are looking for help in this area of Debian development.

I took early retirement from IT and was involved in engineering and computer software development and since then moved closer to the Linux side of things. I think I may have aggravated my superiors at the top of the administrative ladder when I started to advocate the advantages to the organization of linux just like I am now aggravating a few people on the list about the advantages to computing offered by an Xen system. Anyway, I thought I would share this with you as I am really not looking for help as much as I am trying to become a valuable member of the list -- if that's possible. But almost everthing to do with Debian involves different commands, directories, and files.  I started my Linux learning curve on Slackware and had this book that was about 3 inches thick on every Linux subject imaginable.  Very few of those commands and command syntax would work on Debian and there are 10 dozen solutions for any given problem on Debian. So its a lot to climatize to in just a few days.

Anyway, you did a very nice job of presenting your Xen connectivity and maybe a few others will do the same.  But I've got lots of these examples from the Xen development list.  I just wanted to get some worthwhile discussion and thinking going.  Maybe I've gone too far in that direction and I might cool it until I get information back from the special Debian Xen task force that most people don't even know about.

Bye for now, keep up the good work, Ted

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