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[SOLVED] Woody on 486 problem

Well, tried with custom kernel under slackware but with no luck. No way I
could pass kernel parameters via lilo append. Each time I had to enter
boot parameters at lilo prompt. It wasn't an option since I need this pc
to boot without keyboard and mouse. But potato done just fine. Now
everything is working. After that upgraded it to woody.

Just for fun I installed xserver, fvwm95 and few applications.
Enlightement was a little too much and so was mozilla-M18. Its running
more then satisfactory: rxvt, xterm, nmap, wget, ftp, ted, siag-office,
xpdf, dillo and even two servers sshd and thttpd.

It will be acting just as simple client behind firewall for testing purposes.


Mirko Scurk

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