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Re: How to convert files

Thanks for the info. I like use scripting but I prioritize the safe way.
I think that find / flip is safe, clear, easy, dificult to make a mistake (few arg)
and save time.

"Fabian (Lists)" <lists@sevenlayers.org> escribió:
Hi Luis,

Luis Ariel Lecca wrote:
> Hi all, could any body give me a hand with this stuff ?
> Im trying to find a good way to convert dos files (CR-LF) to Unix files (LF).


Instead of installing an extra application you could cat your files
through sed.

>From http://www.student.northpark.edu/pemente/sed/sed1line.txt:


# IN UNIX ENVIRONMENT: convert DOS newlines (CR/LF) to Unix format
sed 's/.$//' # assumes that all lines end with CR/LF
sed 's/^M$//' # in bash/tcsh, press Ctrl-V then Ctrl-M
sed 's/\x0D$//' # gsed 3.02.80, but top script is easier

# IN UNIX ENVIRONMENT: convert Unix newlines (LF) to DOS format
sed "s/$/`echo -e \\\r`/" # command line under ksh
sed 's/$'"/`echo \\\r`/" # command line under bash
sed "s/$/`echo \\\r`/" # command line under zsh
sed 's/$/\r/' # gsed 3.02.80

# IN DOS ENVIRONMENT: convert Unix newlines (LF) to DOS format
sed "s/$//" # method 1
sed -n p # method 2

# IN DOS ENVIRONMENT: convert DOS newlines (CR/LF) to Unix format
# Can only be done with UnxUtils sed, version 4.0.7 or higher.
# Cannot be done with other DOS versions of sed. Use "tr" instead.
sed "s/\r//" infile >outfile # UnxUtils sed v4.0.7 or higher
tr -d \r outfile # GNU tr version 1.22 or higher

> This should be safe and recursive but it should not change any binary file.
> The files arent large but there are millon.

You should use xargs in this case.


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