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Mactel questions...

Hello everyone, this was originally posted on the Debian forums but I thought I'd give the user list a try as well.

I'm thinking of getting an Intel based IMac and the only information I could find on the 'net was about six months out of date so I thought I'd post a topic here. I've got a lot of questions and I don't expect to have them all answered but any help would be appreciated. I'm particularly interested in people who have successfully installed Debian or any other distribution on their Mactels.

Here goes:

1. Does Etch support EFI GPT partitions and can I run Etch without using BIOS compatibility / MBR mode?

2. I've heard that the ATI drivers need access to the BIOS to be able to utilise 2D / 3D acceleration. Is this still true and do I have to use BIOS compatibility mode to use 2D / 3D acceleration? Is this only true for the proprietary drivers? Do the Free / Open source drivers work well in EFI mode?

3. Will the Airport Extreme wireless LAN card work? I'll use ndiswrapper if I have to. What's the native support for the Broadcom chipset (that the Airport extreme has, do the latest iMacs even have this chipset?) like currently?

4. Do the soundcard and speakers work in Etch or any other distribution?

5. I've heard that the Mactel has a 500MB EFI or something partition can this be safely deleted so I can have four partitions in MBR / BIOS mode? Are extended partitions supported in MBR / BIOS mode?

6. Are there any other issues I should be aware of when using GNU / Linux on a Mactel?

7. If Debian has known problems on Mactels can anyone suggest a distro that works? I don't really want to switch from Debian but if needs must....

8. Is is possible to run Debian with one partition and use LVM? i.e. no separate /boot partition. Is is possible to reinstall Debian and keep the LVM info intact?  The reason I am asking this is because I am going to use X86 Debian and then upgrade to the AMD64 version at some point in the future, and I'd like my /home volume kept intact if I used LVM.

As I said any tips or info would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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