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Re: How do I find what debian package ships a given program?


Olafur Jens Sigurdsson, 11.02.2007 22:48:
> Þann 2007-02-11, 16:40:55 (-0500) skrifaði cga2000:
>> Is there a debian utility that returns the name of a package that ships
>> a given program..?
>> ie. - You're looking for program "pgm" .. so you type "whichpkg pgm"
>> from the prompt and the whichpkg utility returns the name of the
>> package(s).
> use dpkg -S /path/to/program

And if it’s not installed (or for every package) you can use apt-file:

$ apt-file update
$ apt-file search pgm

(The doubled output when using different flavours in /etc/apt/sources.list is a
known bug. If it annoys you, just pipe the command above to uniq.)

Regards, Mathias


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