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Re: VIA VT8237A Southbridge Advice

Grok Mogger wrote:
Hey everyone,

I'm looking into building a new machine. As for the motherboard, I'm interested in an ASUS 'A8V-VM SE'. Unfortunately, in Googling I've seen people complain about problems with the board's southbridge. It's a 'VIA VT8237A'.


Unless there is first hand info on the use of this mobo, I focus on the customer reviews for it.

I found no linux users but lots of M$ users that did not like the board for the reason you mention, that VIA chip.

I have an Epox EP-8VTAI with a via chip southbridge and I would not get it again. Too many problems.

Instead what I would do is focus on a board that recommends linux installation from its reviewers.


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