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Re: SATA Raid Difficulty

Rob Wright wrote:
3 74.5GB SATA drives
Serial ATA AHCI BIOS version iSirc 1.08.sm0
Intel Matrix Storage Manager Rom v5.6.2.1002 ESB2

Is there support for this in Debian, and if so what do I need to do to get it installed? Should I be using Sarge instead of Etch? If I need to provide more information I'll gladly do so.
looks like one of the fake-raid controllers.
e.g. they do bios supported software raid.
there are drivers in linux to get something like that working...

a general howto for fakeraid and linux 2.6 is under

and there is a mailing list for that sort of stuff at

that said, i don't know if you can set it up at installation time with debian...

a quit easy way (if you only want to run linux on ther machine) would be to disable the raid in the bios, partiton the disks so that you have a small (~100mb should be enougth be all means), and a bigger partiton for the rest and create 2 raid arrays, one raid1 with the smaller partions for /boot, the rest raid5 (or raid1 if you want to have even more security from a disk crash), possible setup lvm2 over it for further dividing it and that's it.
works fine for me on one computer with 2 disks in raid1


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