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Re: Xorg will not start -- Success report

On Sun, Feb 04, 2007 at 02:55:40PM -0500, Ken Heard wrote:
> The key question is why did the installer on the Etch RC1 CDROM not 
> install all the dependencies of the xserver-xorg?  Only three were 
> installed: x-server-xorg-core, and two others which I did not need: 
> x-server-imputs-acecad and x-server-video-apm.  The ones I did need I 
> had to install myself.

I think this was reported before on this list (heh, maybe it was your
thread). Apparently there was some bug floating around that caused

> A few days later I used the same build of Etch RC1 to install it from 
> scratch on my laptop.  All the dependencies of x-server-xorg were 
> installed, and on first boot X.org was loaded without needing any manual 
> configuration on my part.

so why did it work the second time from the same build... I believe
the installer does an update before you get to the package selection
stage and perhaps this was fixed so that the update would catch the
problem and fix it. guessing there.

congrats on solving the problem.


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