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Re: OT: sponge burning!

Andrew Sackville-West <andrew@farwestbilliards.com>:
>  On Thu, Feb 01, 2007 at 10:43:13PM +0000, s. keeling wrote:
> > Andrew Sackville-West <andrew@farwestbilliards.com>:
> > >  
> > >  as has already been said, natural sponges, having protien content,
> > >  would surely have some reaction in a microwave. That said, we all know
> > >  that 1) there's nothing natural about the aforementioned "sponge" and
> > ...................^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > 
> > Hey!  Is that some kinda homophobic crack?
> > 
> > <Whoops.  Gotta go.  :-)>
>  wah-ka wah-ka wah-ka

Well, since you brought it up:

The following poem is excerpted with permission from Lee Leitner's
"Viewpoint" column which is featured in a bimonthly periodical for
Prime INFORMATION users called INFOCUS magazine. The original authors
were Fred Bremmer and Steve Kroese of Calvin College & Seminary of
Grand Rapids, MI.

FYI - a "wahka" is the decidedly "proper" (by popular vote) name for
the characters ">" and "<". This is in spite of INFOCUS readers of
Denver who still refer to them as "Norkies". The Michigan crowd
apparently has corrupted the spelling to "waka".
To wit, it is -

 "... a poem we think is about the lowly wahka. Maybe. Well,
  perhaps ...  We're really not sure what the poem actually is
  about. Here it goes:

    Waka waka bang splat, tick tick hash,
    Caret at back-tick, dollar dollar dash,
    Bang splat tick, dollar under-score,
    Percent splat waka, waka number four,
    Ampersand, right-paren, dot dot slash,
    Vertical-bar, curly-bracket, tilde tilde CRASH."

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