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Re: Cdrecord with a 2.4 kernel

Woohoo, reloading works indeed. The files are visible when I use the -eject flag and mount the cd afterwards.

Thanks for the helping part



2007/1/30, Eduard Bloch < edi@gmx.de>:
#include <hallo.h>
* Sonixxfx [Tue, Jan 23 2007, 03:11:47PM]:
> Hi,
> I am trying to burn multisession cd's with cdrecord but I have a problem.
> After I have written a multisession disc, and mount it, the burned files are
> not shown at /media/cdrom. The files are written to the disc though, because
> I can access/see them when I have rebooted my system and mount the cd.

Reboot? OMG. Just reload the disk.


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