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Re: OT: sponge bob

Hal Vaughan wrote:

> On Tuesday 30 January 2007 20:55, Paul Johnson wrote:
>> Hal Vaughan wrote:
>> > Then, for your kids' peace of mind, maybe we should not mention the
>> > idea of putting certain square sponges into the microwave!
>> It's amazing the crap that passes for animation these days...
> Yes.  It's certainly not as artfully drawn as Speed Racer was in the
> 1970s or as well written as Sabrina and the Groovy Goolies from the
> same time period.

I wasn't intending to only criticize the production values, I understand
that Pixar, Aardman, and Disney are high-end animation houses that
absolutely blast everyone else in their specialty, if not the industry, out
of the water.  I've been following animation news for years, Nicktoons
(television cartoon distribution) and Klasky Ksupo (low-end animation house
known best for Rugrats, pre-Disney Doug (probably the only halfway decent
thing KK has ever produced)) plays hardball.  Invader Zim was largely
cancelled because Nicktoons insists on having all the animation crews
working on shows for them working in their building (never mind they
frequently worked for competing companies), and the guys at KK kept
stealing scripts from other shows because the Jimmy Neutron writers ran out
of ideas after the movie (most blatant example being the Invader Zim
episode "Pants!" was cancelled in preproduction after Jimmy Neutron started
to produce "When Pants Attack" which, save for the character names, was a
verbatim ripoff of the Zim episode already in production).

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