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greylistd / exim4 troubles -- how to troubleshoot?

I'm wondering if this package "just worked" for anyone and if not, how
they got it to work, especially with exim4 and a monolithic exim4.conf
that was converted from an exim3 installation, on unstable.

greylistd-setup-exim4 only seemed to apply to the split config files.

After fiddling with the example exim4 rule to get past errors in running
exim4 and in the mainlog, I ended up with a setup that seemed to keep
deferring long after it should have accepted a message (the triplet was
the same, unlike, say, gmail messages that can show up with a different
IP address pretty much every time).  I never saw the greylist rule let
anything through -- it just kept deferring, even with the time gap set
to 1 minute.

I haven't been able to find any troubleshooting guides for greylistd
via google -- the expectation seems to be that it will "just work."

The example greylistd exim4 config starts with:


But this doesn't seem right for my config file, which has:

    begin acl

    #!!# ACL that is used after the RCPT command

This is what I tried in my exim4 config, inside the check_recipient
block.  The commented-out bits were causing complaints in exim4's
mainlog, which I will readily admit isn't a great reason for commenting
them out without understanding what they do.

    message        = $sender_host_address is not yet authorized to deliver \
                     mail from <$sender_address> to <$local_part@$domain>. \
                     Please try later.
    log_message    = greylisted.
    !senders       = :
   #    !hosts         = : +relay_from_hosts : \
   !hosts         = : \
                     ${if exists {/etc/greylistd/whitelist-hosts}\
                                 {/etc/greylistd/whitelist-hosts}{}} : \
                     ${if exists {/var/lib/greylistd/whitelist-hosts}\
    !authenticated = *
   #!acl           = acl_whitelist_local_deny
    domains        = +local_domains : +relay_to_domains
    verify         = recipient/callout=20s,use_sender,defer_ok
    condition      = ${readsocket{/var/run/greylistd/socket}\
                                 {--grey \
                                  $sender_host_address \
                                  $sender_address \

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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