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Re: Jonny Question

On Thursday 01 February 2007 22:00, Max Hyre wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
> > The wiki article mentions nothing of a similarly-titled book.
>    In fact, it mentions its inspiration being, among others, the
> _Jack Armstrong_ radio show and Milt Caniff's comics, as well as his
> name being spelled `Jonny'.  Sounds as if there's no relation, though
> you'd think the similarity of names would have led to some
> indignation.  Maybe they were so much more easygoing back then that
> no one invoked the DMCA.
>  :-).  (Thunderbird's spell checker suggests that should be YMCA.)
>    On Google, any mention of the book is drowned in the tsunami of
> cartoon references, so that's a dead end.
>    Thanks for the info, though.  Now I know.

Try this link:


No underwater city books that I noticed, but there's other links from 
the main page (just the domain name, no directories).  Click 
on "Memorabilia" for info on other books and magazines and such.

While searching on Google, include something like this:

+"Jonny Quest" +book -cartoon -animation

and see if that helps.  The minus will make sure a term does not appear.


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