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Re: Laptop Recommendations?

Curt Howland wrote:
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On Thursday 01 February 2007 13:52, Rick Reynolds <rick@rickandviv.net> was heard to say:
It's probably worth getting a
larger hard drive and keeping a Dell-supported OS on there as a
dual boot option just so you can verify that any problems you're
having are not hardware related.

I have a Sony Vaio (don't get one, the hardware is unique and substantially under-supported) PCG-GRT170 laptop, and for the support issue (extended Circuit City warrantee, used 5 or 6 times for DVD drive failures) I restored WinXP to the original 5400rpm HD after I bought myself a 7200rpm HD with better seek times, transfer rates &etc, and put Unstable on that.

Now if I want that last little bit of hardware debugging: "Does it fail in Windows too?", I just swap HDs which isn't traumatic. It also keeps them from erasing my Linux install and putting XP back on it which they did once before I figured this trick out.

Oooh, yeah! I thought of this idea also, I just never got around to implementing it. That's probably the smartest way to go, given the situation in which we find ourselves regarding hardware support...

Rick Reynolds
"Never work for a sawmill that's so behind that they don't have time to sharpen the blades." -- Will Hayes, Software Engineering Institute

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