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Re: Best way to shrink Windows on new laptop?

Anthony Campbell wrote:

> I'm getting a new Thinkpad Z61M and shall be installing Debian
> (naturally!). When I last did this on a Thinkpad a couple of years ago I
> just deleted the Windows partition completely, but I have found, *very*
> rarely, that I needed it.
> I'd therefore like to keep Windows, at least for the moment, so I'll
> need to shrink its partition. Two questions:
> a. How small could its partition be? Would 10 GB be enough, or too much?

10GB is probably a good number for Windows except Vista which requires
something like 13GB(!) just to get it out of the box.

> b. 3.5: If I understand the Debian Installation manual correctly, I can
> do this by simply selecting a different size for the partition during
> the installation process.
> "If your machine has a FAT or NTFS filesystem, as used by DOS
> and Windows, you can wait and use Debian installer's
> partitioning program to resize the filesystem."
> Won't this destroy all the Windows stuff?

Potentially.  Always keep a backup.  You might also find
http://www.goodbye-microsoft.com/ to be handy.

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