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Re: [TLUG]: running windows via kvm module -- any experiences?

On Tue, Jan 30, 2007 at 06:06:05PM -0500, Matt Price wrote:
> My girlfriend is buying a new computer a month or two from now and I'm
> hoping to convince her to let me install ubuntu feisty on it, and set up
> a windows VM using the new KVM module and rdesktop.  The idea of the VM
> is to let her use software she feels she 'really needs' -- right now,
> this is MS Office, endnote and Dreamweaver (I'd like to make all 3
> disappear, but that's another, longer-term project).  

Remember KVM _requires_ a CPU with hardware virtualization instructions.
Not all CPUs have that.  None of mine do so I certainly can't try it
out. :)

> Her main objection right now is that the person trying to convince her
> is a known linux ideologue who spends hours at a time hacking on his
> machine, and that she has no interest whatsoever in hacking -- she just
> wants her computer to work for her in a fully transparent way.  

Another option is vmware, although that may be too much trouble to use
as well.

Len Sorensen

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