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Re: newbie wanting debian...

moggy wrote:
> i recently purchessed a debian disk "sarge" i think its called, it
> also came with a live disk, that i thought i would have a look at
> first to see how it works and how well i get on with it, however,
> after restarting my pc and booting from the dvd rom and it does its
> little thing, the screen goes black, and it has a little white box
> telling me to change the screen settings/resolution to 1280X1024 60hz,
> which i can do in windows, and which is also the manufactuers
> recommandation, the problum is i dont know how to adjust the monitor
> or weather i really need to do this as there maybe another way around
> the problum, i have been really looking forward to getting a linux
> system but know little or nothing about how it works, hence my trying
> the live disk first...

I'm not familiar with a Sarge LiveCD, although there are lots of
LiveCDs, many based on Debian, such as Knoppix.

I believe with Knoppix, at a very early stage of booting, you're
presented with a "knoppix:" prompt, at which time you can press Fn keys
to get help about different options; one of those options will probably
let you start the LiveCD with a lower resolution.

Alternatively, you can try pressing Ctrl-Alt-Plus-on-the-numberpad to
move to the next available resolution setting. Continued pressing of
that key sequence should cycle through all the possibilities. Of course,
this depends on the LiveCD being configured the way I expect it to be.

Kent West
Westing Peacefully <http://kentwest.blogspot.com>

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