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Re: NTP dynamic servers?

On Monday 22 January 2007 16:49, Bruno Voigt wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running debian/unstable on my laptop and often the LAN/WLAN is not
> connected (yet)
> when the system is starting up - including NTPD.
> NTPD then seems to discard all unreachable server entries and ends up
> with no peers left.
> In some googled doc I found the ntp.conf option "dynamic" to tell it
> that some peers may become available later on,
> but the debian ntpd doesnt't seem to understand it - or I don't know how
> to use it correctly.
> What is the best way to configure the ntpd in such an environment ?

Just configure ntpd as normal, but add an hourly cronjob which does
"/etc/init.d/ntp restart >/dev/null".

A client has a server on PPPOE where ntpd always fails at the outset.
Using this, rather than ntpdate, results in the clock staying in sync
without stepping.  The hwclock is good enough for ntpd after reboot
(or DSL outage) until the next time the cronjob runs.

--Mike Bird

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