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Re: dialup connectivity problem

On Wed, Jan 24, 2007 at 12:03:27AM -0500, Zach wrote:
> Hi,
> I am having a problem in Debian (testing) and wonder if you could help me. 
> In
> Windoze I can stat a download program and left unattended it will run
> for 5 hours before the ISP automatically disconnects, however in Linux
> when I am running 'apt-get upgrade' sometimes it will run for 5 hours
> also before disconnecting but more often than not it will disconnect
> after just 1 hour and also often just 90 minutes and sometimes rarely
> just after a few minutes. I cannot find any explanation or error
> message in /var/log. I am using SupraExpress 56 SP serial modem (also
> I wonder why the max download transfer rate I get is around 30KB
> whereas in Windoze I can get 50KB in Windoze). Here is all I could
> find in the logfiles:
> netrek:~# pon isp.com
> (I setup my dialup connection using pppconfig.)

I don't suppose you told pppconfig to make it an on-demand connection?
Personally, I also use the persist option so that it redials if the
connection dies.

I'm out in the country miles from the phone switch, so I routinly get an
average of 3 KB/s.  How do you get 30-50 KB/s?  At 28.8 K bps with n81
that's 9 bits per byte so that's 3.2 K bytes/s.  At 56 Kbps at n81
that's 6.2 K bytes/s.  I wonder what units linux's 30 KB and Windoze 50
KB are referring to.  Could it be something like the difference between
K=1000 and K=1024?

I don't know anything about SupraExpress.  I only use USR/3Com Courier



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