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Re: VMware?

Attila Horvath wrote:

> All
> Have read some very good things about VMware - particularly it's ability
> to support Linux distros. I notice Debian has VMware only as an
> experimental package.
> Has anyone any opinions/experiences you can share re: VMware?
> Thx
> Attila

I run WMware workstation 5.5 on my Dell laptop (i810 chipset), using debian
sid as host and WinXP pro as guest for those few apps that I regrettably
can't find an equally good/or better OSS alternative for.
I have had no problems whatsoever with the installation relating to debian.

I have encountered a few snags on the Windoze side though.
First of all the automatic activation with Micro$oft went wrong as my Dell
OEM Windoze XP Pro appeared NOT to be running on my Dell laptop, but on
something else. I had to call the Micro$oft hotline. That ended abruptly
with the laconic message that I was trying to install an illegal copy of
Windoze and should contact a local dealer in order to obtain a legal
version. When I finally succeeded in getting a call center dude on the
phone he also observed that something was wrong. I told him that I was
attempting to install XP in a virtual machine on the original hardware, he
said: OK and sent me off with a valid activation code.

As I later inserted one of the original Dell cd's in the dvd-drive it
immediately aborted with the message that: This CD is exclusively meant for
installation of Dell hardware! 
So I had to go to the Dell website and individually download the stuff that
I needed to complete my installation.

I was actually positively surprised by the performance of the virtualized
Windoze install. My laptop is a 1.4GHz Pentium mobile with a meager 512MB
of RAM. Not really what you want to run an virtual machine on.
I have set aside 192MB of RAM (the maximum recommended by VMware) for the
Windoze VM and 14 x 2GB files = 28GB as harddisk on a hdd partition,
formatted with reiserfs. This actually used to be the Windoze ntfs
partition on a dual-boot setup (sid and XP).

I occasionally run one rather heavy Windoze app on this setup. It is a bit
slow but still acceptable because it is not that often.

The only negative experience was the VMware company itself. I bought the
software off their website based on the possibility of getting a USD 50
rebate on the purchase price. First I had to buy VMWare at the normal
price, then I could apply for the discount with the serial number. Only
then I was confronted with the terms and conditions that stated that the
rebate was only available in the US and Canada. To make my grief even
bigger they added European VAT to the purchase price. Thus I ended paying
about 45% more for the sw than I had planned on. That really sucked :-(

Best regards
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