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Re: Sound jerking with via 82xx soundcard

On Wed, Jan 24, 2007 at 06:35:10PM +0200, Atis wrote:
> Hi,
> A little update to the sound jerking problem.
> If i unload most of applications, leave almost plain KDE, i can hear
> KDE startup sound almost normally, just few flickers...
> however no chances of running any kind of media player.. here's an
> example.. i freed up memory, and launched noatun playing (jerking)
> mp3, and looked for `ps aux` and `top` in console (see end). no signs
> of high load problems.
> anyone can give some references, where to start debugging?

what happens when you run noatun from a terminal? I don't use it so
don't know that kind of output it produces... might help. 

also, try using an output intensive program like mplayer or maybe xine
from a command line and see what kind of output you get...might point
you in the right direction.

i see you are using artsd which I think is the kde sound daemon, try
killing that to get a direct alsa connection without anything else
possibly interfering...


[snipped copious output]

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