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Re: Installation of Debian by disk

Bhasker C V wrote:

>  If you had told yes there (checked the box) , then you must be able to
> see graphics  by command 
>   $ startx
>   If this works then you probably want to check to enable startup of
>   /etc/init.d/gdm in your runlevel. 
>  something like (say your runlevel is 2) 
>  then you must have a link like  
>   S99gdm -> ../init.d/gdm 
>   under the /etc/rc2.d directory 

Forget about that. Just type in a terminal (as root)

    aptitude install gdm

(or kdm, whatever you prefer),

which will give you a graphical login (and, if X hasn't been installed
yet, will automatically download everything that is needed).

But you still, possibly, won't have what you would call a complete
"desktop environment". To get that, the easiest way would be to just type


and select "desktop environment". Now everything you need will be
automatically downloaded and installed. The default is, I think, a GNOME
desktop environment.

If you prefer KDE or don't want the plethora of stuff tasksel thinks a
desktop user might need, use


and select the packages you want.

Don't forget to read the Debian FAQ and related documentation (found in


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