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Incomplete line at the end of modules.dep


I am a new user to Debian.
Here is the information for the system.
Debian 3.1 kernel: 2.4.27

During booting time, I noticed there are lines showing
modprobe: invalid dependency in line #####

The system can be booted up, but the ethernet can not be detected.
What I found is that e100 modular can not be loaded.
"modprobe e100" gives me "can't locate modules" although e100 is located in the /lib/modules/*.

I checked the modules.dep, I surprisingly found there is a incomplete line at the end of file. Like
******************* ---those are the correct lines
e1 ---this is the incomplete line

I run depmod -a, it generates a new modules.dep file but still with incomplete line at the end. The content of the incomplete line keeps changing.
From the content of the file, I can tell only a small portion of modules are loaded.
Another thing is the root partition of my debian is 100% full right now. Could be this problem?

Any help is really appreciated?
Thanks in advance.


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