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Re: no virtual terminals after fresh etch install

On Monday 15 January 2007 19:01, I wrote:
>> I just did my first Debian install on a new desktop using the
>> testing- i386-netinst CD.  ...  I cannot bring up the usual
>> virtual terminals 1-6 (e.g. CTRL-ALT-F1).  If I try, nothing at
>> all happens.

On Mon Jan 15 14:05:09 2007 Andrei wrote:

> Maybe it's a problem with your keymap and the system doesn't recognize
> the ALT or the F1 key.

I'm not sure how to check this.  If I call xinit, I do get a crude X-window.
Holding down ALT plus various keys does give various non-ASCII characters as
expected, and "xmodmap -pm" shows Alt_L and Alt_R as mod1.  In console mode
(no X), different things happen.  Hitting ALT-g, for example, caused the
string "Desktop/" to appear.  F1 doesn't seem to send anything in either
situation or when gnome is running.  However, the Fn keys were functional at
the very start of the install and gave the usual help screens.

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