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Re: fglrx driver problems

Hello Marko.

Marko Randjelovic, 14.01.2007 18:25:
> My original post was about Ati proprietary fglrx driver. Then Mathias
> proposed free radeon driver, but with it also no direct rendering.

Sorry I couldn’t help you anymore.

> Since
> this driver is free software, maybe I should file a bug report about
> this? My Etch system is fully upgraded.
> I am not sure if it's a bug of xorg driver or of some kernel module.
> Should I file a bug report at x.org ot at Debian?

As I said: I think that your chipset is just not supported *yet*. Support might
come with later releases. But if you still want to file a bugreport, then it
should be for the „xserver-xorg-video-ati“ package since that contains the
radeon driver.

Regards, Mathias


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