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[OT] Setting a large kernel.shmmax... consequences?


I'm setting up my home machine to do some QM calculations using GAMESS,
and the docs point out the desirability of upping the shared memory
allowances (in fact, it's outright needed in some cases).  I have 512 Mb
at this time, and am considering setting the shmmax size to 75% of that.

What I don't know is the consequence this has (if any) on how stuff
operates. I could create a script to set/reset it anytime I do this sort
of thing, or simply set it permanently in /etc/sysctl.conf and forget

Does anyone have some idea what efect this would have on other things?
I'm not a heavy, 50 things going at once, type of user, but normally
have X going (GAMESS is command line, but there are some Web-based and
other GUI's for it that I'm checking out for teaching in class).

Thanks for thoughts!

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