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Re: Eudora -> Evolution how?

El mié, 10-01-2007 a las 21:39 +0000, Andrew M.A. Cater escribió:
> I've a colleague on the phone now: he wants to transfer Eudora mail 
> archives from a Windows partition -> Evolution under Debian - Testing.
	I think that eudora uses mbox files for the mail folders. All that you
have to do in evolution is to import that files, one by one. A little
tedious, but easy.

	If you also want to import addressbook, you have to export it in eudora
to something understable (csv or ldif for example) and then import it
into evolution.

	I have also found this (with an apt-cache search eudora):

2vcard - A little perl script to convert an adressbook to VCARD file

	Maybe it helps.

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