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Re: [OFF-TOPIC] Mailing List Netiquette

On Wed, Jan 10, 2007 at 02:37:30AM EST, Justin Gallardo wrote:
>    Hey All,
>    I am preparing a presentation to a group of students on mailing list
>    netiquette(as you may have guessed by the subject), and thought that maybe
>    I could use the busiest mailing list I followed as a good source of
>    information. I have thought of numerous things to bring up in the
>    presentation including rules about top-posting(not doing it), tips to help
>    keep the flow of conversation, and other various things. There was one
>    thing that I wasn't quite sure what everyone's opinion was though. When
>    replying to an email, is it proper to leave the original poster in the To:
>    line of the email, and the CC the list? Or is it better to just send your
>    reply to the list, not specifically mentioning the original poster.
>    Possibly it is acceptable to just do whatever Reply All in your client
>    gives you(I would think the effect of this is configurable through the
>    mailing list). I was curious if I could get other's input on this matter.
>    Also, if you can think of any other good points to bring up during this
>    talk, I would love to hear them. The purpose of the talk is to help create
>    better open source community members for the future. So any help now could
>    possibly save you some heartache later :-).

My two cents.

Do not flame.  

Especially regarding minor (?) netiquette infringements.  

Calling someone a moron because they posted an html message ..
cross-posted to a couple other NG/ML's .. top-posted .. etc.  is both
counter-productive and damaging to your image.  

Right off the bat, you have put them on the defensive and not only will
many refuse to "do as they're told" but likely they will make a point of
not listening to anyone else on the NG/ML that might suggest at a later
time that they amend their behavior.

Besides, unless the person you are flaming takes the bait and starts
flaming you back and the whole thing degenerates into an all-out war,
most subscribers to the NG/ML will forget about the OP but they will
most certainly remember _you_.

You should also realize that this attitude is not only harmful to
yourself but to the NG/ML as well, hence the entire "community".

If you feel like getting involved, please explain to the offender _what_
he is doing wrong and more importantly .. _why_.

And as a conclusion it probably doesn't hurt to suggest to them that
they can google at their leisure for more info on the subject since
there are quite a few useful articles out there.




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