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Re: dial up connection

On Tuesday 09 January 2007 12:37, Mark Grieveson sent this for all our 
>---> Hello.  Is there a graphical application for achieving a dial-up
> connection for xfce?  I don't wish to use kppp, or gnome-ppp. --->
>---> I've used wvdial, but I find it only works as root.  As a regular user
> it states that it cannot access pppd, instructing me to check my
> permissions.  I've checked, and regular users have read permission, with
> the program being labelled executable.  Does it need write permission? --->
>---> Anyway, I would still prefer to find a simple, usable graphical program
> that doesn't rely on kde or gnome.  Installing kppp or gnome-ppp would be
> an excessively large install, I suspect (the programs themselves aren't
> large, but with the various dependencies they would have, I'm guessing  the
> actual install would be quite big). --->
>---> Mark

I am stuck on dialup here as well. 

It's not GUI, but I use the <pon> command from a terminal, and gkrellm to 
watch what is happening all the time.

Install ppp and pppconfig. Then in a terminal do <pppconfig> Then type pon 
into a root terminal, and you are connected.

Also to allow the user to connect and disconnect # adduser <user> dip You 
might have to log out to make this work the first time.

If you want to monitor this connection bring up gkrellm and it should have 
your ppp connection covered.

Set gkrellm as sticky so it is on all desktops and make it to remain on top of 
all windows and you can watch what is going on all the time.

Hope that helps.

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