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Re: Can I change motherboard without reinstal ling sarge

Since the original problem appears to be a hang shortly after attempting to read the BIOS, I kinda doubt that this trick will work. The poster stated that attempting to boot Sarge, "it" says BIOS check fails. I wonder if this is the BIOS itself, and Debian isn't even in the picture yet?

I'd suggest getting a Live CD or Debian Rescue CD or even a floppy and see if you can get your system to boot a Linux system (or DOS, heaven forbid, though FreeDOS is a good alternative) at all.

You should also run your BIOS setup program and verify that it's correctly configured for the motherboard/hard disks/etc. that you in fact have available.


Douglas Tutty wrote:
On Sun, Jan 07, 2007 at 10:04:34AM +0800, a wrote:
I change motherboard, sarge refuse to boot, it says BIOS check fails
I used debian before (woody, potato...) there's no such problem
Do I have to re-install sarge?

If the old and new motherboards are identical there should be no
problem.  If they differ but are for the same port (eg. i386) and you
are using a stock debian kernel, then the kernel should boot.  Try using
init=/bin/sh kernel parameter.  This lets you focus on the kernel, does
it find the root partition, can it mount it ro and find /bin/sh?  If you
get a shell, then you know that the kernel works and you can work the
problem from that point.
Once you get that far, try using the kernel parameter single to take you
directly to single user mode.  From that you can work on what modules
you may need loaded for your new hardware.

This procedure lets you narrow down where a problem lies.

If you get stuck you can copy out what you get on the screen and send it
here asking for more specific help.

Good luck,


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