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Re: Nautilus,udev 3 Question

On Mon, 2007-01-08 at 10:27 -0400, E0x wrote:
> i am use Sid a few week ago the icons of partitions don't show anymore
> in nautilus or desktop of gnome ( AFAIK nautilus control the desktop
> icons ) if you mount  usb storage device the icon show up but the
> other partition not , even in place menu of gnome 
> so somebody know what happen with is a bug ? a feature ? anyway way to
> get back  ? 

I'm not sure, It could be a bug in udev, hal, or perhaps
gnome-volume-manager. Try filing it as a bug for one of the packages and
kindly ask the maintainer to reassign it to the correct package.

You can use the reportbug package for filing bugs.

> second question , i have a usb storage device ( external enclosure
> disk of 2.5" ) with a fat32 file system , i set a volumen name in
> windows "DATA" when i connect it to my Debian box it is mount with the
> volumen name "DATA" so is possible get the same way for example my
> sata disk with XFS that nautilus read the volumen name . 

For setting labels in XFS partitions it looks like you can use the
xfs_admin utility. See the man page for the options.

> third question anybody can guide me for get this with udev+hal or
> whatever is in that process: i want get all disk that is not specific
> in the /etc/fsfab mounted and try reading the volumen name ( read the
> second question  ) and mount with that name and with the same
> permission that get a USB storage device with you mount it 

I think this can be done with udev rules. Sorry, I can't give more
specific information.

Sven Arvidsson
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